Turkey Fryer Reviews – Best Turkey Fryers

There are many people who regard turkey that is cooked in a turkey fryer as the best tasting turkey around. I tend to agree with them! In this guide I have compiled the best turkey fryer reviews into one place so you can decide what type of turkey frying appliance you require and compare the best options available right now for purchase online.

Every single person who eat turkey hopes that their turkey meat tastes great. Luckily, if you cook a turkey using this popular method you will have the best tasty turkey meat available. Why is that? It is commonly accepted that turkey cooked using a fryer is juicer and has more flavor. This is due to the fact that of deep frying the turkey makes the skin crispy and crunchy, sealing in the flavors and juices. As you can imagine, this means the turkey meat is very juicy with a flavor that is hard to beat!

People in lower states in southern USA have known this for years, but it is only recently that people in other parts of the United States of America has woken up to the fact that using a turkey fryer is the best way to cook a turkey if you want a juicy, flavorsome bird which cooks in less than a quarter of the time required to cook one in the oven.

How a Turkey Fryer Works

As mentioned above, a turkey fryer works by heating cooking oil in a deep fryer which fits a whole turkey inside it. This hot oil seals the skin of the bird which means that the turkey is basically steamed from the inside using its own juices. This method of cooking a turkey is classified as “dry cooking”, even though it uses cooking oil.

Since the turkey fryer is smaller than an oven and the turkey is seal in the hot oil, cooking a turkey this way is usually a lot quicker than cooking one on the oven, as mentioned above. So this is another benefit. It should be noted, there is not difference in cooking time between electric and propane turkey fryers.

Types of Turkey Fryers

There are many different brands of turkey fryers on the market. You can choose between an electric or propane powered unit.

The electric turkey fryers usually include electronic enhancements such as a digital thermometer and digital timer. Some turkey fryers use radiant heat, avoiding the need for hot oil altogether.

The best turkey fryers use cooking oil which drastically cuts the cooking time to around an hour, compared to up to 5 hours for cooking a turkey in the oven. Turkey fryers can also be used for cooking other foods such as vegetables, french fries and chicken.

Turkey Fryer Safety

Like with deep fryers, turkey fryers use hot oil to cook the turkey bird. Obviously, when you are dealing with hot oil there is a risk of burning yourself or starting a fire. Make sure your bird is patted dry before put it into the deep fryer because oil and water do not mix and if your turkey is wet when you add it into the turkey frying appliance there is a risk that the hot oil will start spitting out of the fryer and you will have problems!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to turkey fryers. Please also look at the air fryer review section as well as the deep fryer review list. I also write about turkey fryers on the blog.