Presto 05466 Review

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The Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer is one of the top selling deep fryers in the world due to its combination of features, functions, and low price. Presto is renown worldwide for being a leading deep fat fryer manufacturer.

This unit is powerful, affordable, and well-built by the globally respected deep frying experts at Presto. In this Presto 05466 review I will describe the features of this best seller, discuss the pros and cons of this unit and give you my verdict.

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Presto 05466 Review

The Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer is a top selling fryer which receives a lot of praise. It has many great features built-in, but it is not very expensive. In fact you get more for your money with the Presto 05466 than you do with many mid-range electrical deep frying appliances.

It is clear that the Presto 05466 is one of the best deep fryers in the world. Not many kitchen appliance makers manage to combine useful features, quality construction materials and reliability with a low price tag like Presto have with the 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element model.

The Dual ProFry has a capacity of 4.7 Liters of cooking oil, which is roughly 12 cups. The 1800 Watts of electrical power is more than enough power to cook up any deep fried treats that your heart desires. The oil heats up quickly and a handy indicator light clearly display when the oil is ready for cooking.

This model is kind of unique because it comes with two stainless steel deep fryer baskets, when most deep fryers only typically come with one basket. I like the fact that you can buy one large basket if you want to only deep fry your snacks and meals using one basket. However, it does cost money to buy one large stainless steel deep frying basket, so take that into consideration if you want to cook with one basket. It is not a major downside as you can simply fill up the two baskets (which are both the same size) with the same food, meaning you are not limited in how much food you can cook just because there are two baskets included with this model. Many people love having two baskets as it is easier to cook two different types of food at the same time.

This powerful electric fryer not only heats up the cooking oil quickly, it maintains its cooking temperature after the food is placed into the unit, unlike some other deep fryer models.

This unit is a breeze to clean because it is very easy to take apart and wipe down, or what in the dishwasher. The handles of the baskets fold in, making this unit compact and easy to store in your cupboard or pantry.

The lid has a built-in odor removable and elimination feature which means that your food does not make your whole kitchen smell like hot oil or crispy french fries, for example. The lid also acts as a splatter guard which minimizes the risk of hit oil jumping out of the deep fryer and burning you or starting a grease fire.

This is one of the best models available and certainly great value for the price you may. Most other electrical deep fat frying appliances do not offer the combination of features and a low price tag like the Presto 05466 does.

Presto 05466 Pros & Cons


The lid operates as a splatter guard whilst the food is being cooked inside the deep fryer. It also contains an odor control function.
It comes with two deep fryer baskets, which take up half the space in the fryer, respectively.
It is possible to purchase a larger deep fryer basket if you want to cook with only one basket.
This unit is very easy to clean.
Low priced and good value for what you are getting.


You will need to purchase a larger basket separately. Meaning there is an additional cost if you want to cook with a bigger deep fryer basket, instead of the two baskets included with this deep fryer.
Occasionally the temperature sensors register an incorrect temperature due to their location, but this is rare.

Presto 05466 Best Features

The Presto 05466 come with no shortage of appreciable features. Probably the best feature of the Presto 05466 is the fact that it is designed and made by a leading deep frying appliance company called Presto. Not to mention it is not expensive, and you get a lot of great features for a low price. There are many units which cost more and offer less features and functions.

The fact that this unit comes with dual deep fryer baskets is also very hand if you want to deep fry two separate foods at the same time (such as one portion of french fries and one portion of chicken nuggets).

1800 Watts electrical immersion heating is very powerful and heats up the cooking oil in a matter of minutes, meaning that you do not need to wait around for this deep fryer to be ready for use. The 4.7 Liter, or 12 cup, capacity is large enough to cook for a family, but you can certainly cook individual servings in this deep fryer using one basket and less oil, for example.

The built-in alterable thermostat has a light which signals when the oil is ready for cooking the food. This deep fryer is very easy to use and has several safety features such as the lid which has a vent in it to help prevent oil splattering out of the unit.


The Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer is definitely one of the best home deep fryers available. It is powerful, well designed, made from quality materials, easy to clean, has many useful features, and it is very safe to operate. Not to mention it is very cheap, considering all of the features you are getting and its great build quality.

If you are still not convinced that the Presto 05466 is the best deep fryer for you, you can browse the deep fryer reviews to compare this model with some of the other top selling deep fat fryers on the market.