Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL Review

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Butterball turkey fryers are well known for their ability to cook turkeys which have crispy skin, moist turkey meat, and a great taste. In fact, many people regard turkey that has been cooked in a turkey fryer to be the best way to cook turkey, due to the crispy golden skin, and the moist tasty meat seal within the crispy skin.

Masterbuilt are recognized as the leading manufacturer of electric turkey fryers, after years of designing and manufacturing turkey deep frying units. They have fine tuned that process over the years, and the Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL is arguably the best turkey fryer in the world. This model is a very popular, top selling turkey deep frying unit. It is well designed and built, durable and easy to use.

In this Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL review I will discuss the features of this unit, the pros and cons, as well as the best features. I hope this review helps you to select the best turkey fryer for your requirements.

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Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL Review

Due to the fact that this electric turkey fryer is powered by electricity, it is less powerful than a conventional propane powered turkey fryer. Yet, do not be mistake, this unit is very powerful compared to most indoor electric turkey fryers. You can fry a 22 pound turkey in less than an hour using the Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL, so this unit can basically handle practically all of your turkey frying tasks.

This model comes with many built-in safety features, which is good to see. Possibly the most important safety features are the auto shut-off, the cooking basket, and the lifter.

This unit does not have a vented lid, however, which I was disappointed about. Including a vented lid would allow the steam inside the turkey fryer to escape, when in use, so that the unit does not overheat. However, this unit is very well designed and safe to use.

This unit comes with many convenient features. For example, the Butterball XXL comes with a thermostat, drain valve, indicator lights, and a built-in timer. All of these functions are easy to understand and use.

It is possible to adjust the temperature of the unit up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The adjustable temperature gage even makes it possible to slow-cook your food, should you desire. It’s built-in digital timer can be operated from the easy to use control panel.

The temperature control is essential because it means that the temperature of the hot oil is controlled and does not reach a dangerous temperature. This is important when deep frying a turkey using hot cooking oil.

Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL Pros & Cons


This unit can cook a turkey which is up to 22 pounds in size.
Ideal for large gatherings such as Thanksgiving and convenient for large families.
Easy to clean and simple to maintain
Well designed with many built-in safety features.


The Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL does not include a vented lid.
This unit is very big and will require a large space to store it, and a big space on the kitchen counter when using it.

Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL Best Features

Arguably the best feature of the Butterball XXL Digital Turkey Fryer is the ability to deep fry a turkey up to the size of 22 pounds. You can cater for a family gathering such as Thanksgiving Day without worrying about if you will be able to cook a turkey bird large enough to feed everyone.

Unquestionably this model is well design, and the digital temperature control and timer are easy to use and very helpful. This turkey fryer can cook a turkey in less time than a dutch oven or outdoor turkey fryer. The turkey will come out of the fryer with crispy skin and with the moisture sealed beneath the skin of the bird.

Gone are the days of spending the entire day in the kitchen to cook a tasty turkey for your family and friends. The Butterball XXL turkey fryer can cook a turkey, up to the size of 22 pounds, in less than an hour. A conventional oven takes several times that amount of time to cook a turkey. The shortened cooking time means you are free to spend time on other activities, such as entertaining your guests. Another benefit of this turkey frying appliance is that you only need to use one-third less of cooking oil, compared to most fryers. So, it is healthier to cook a turkey using this unit and you save money on cooking oil.

The process of cleaning this unit is very easy and straight-forward. This means you will spend less time in the evenings after your meal, cleaning this unit. A bullt-in drain valve makes emptying the oil a safe and easy procedure. The unit is made from quality materials and should last a long time, if you use is properly and take care of it.

We should also mention that since this in an indoor turkey fryer, you can use this unit at any time, no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL Conclusion

The top selling, well reviewed and well built Masterbuilt Butterball Digital XXL 23014414 is a very wise choice for deep frying a large turkey indoors.

If you are looking for an indoor deep fryer, this unit is a great choice because you will have the ability to deep fryer a turkey inside, meaning it does not matter what the weather is like outside. Deep frying a turkey with the 23014414 takes less time than cooking a turkey in the oven, and the result is a crispier skin and moister turkey flesh. This turkey fryer is easy to use and it can cook many other deep fried foods, not just turkeys.

Because the Butterball Digital XXL from Masterbuilt is well designed and made from high-quality materials, deep frying a turkey is a simple, safe and stress-free process. It’s several safety features make the process of cooking a turkey using a turkey fryer as safe as can be. Despite using a lot less cooking oil than an outdoor turkey fryer requires, you will still be able to cook a turkey up to the size of 22 pounds.