King Kooker SS1267SBSP Review

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The King Kooker SS1267SBSP is one of the best turkey fryers available as of the time of writing. This model is one of the top selling outdoor turkey fryers in the United States and it is powered by propane. In this King Kooker SS1267SBSP review I will provide you with detailed information about how this unit works, whether or not it is a ideal choice for your situation. if you are trying to compare the best turkey fryers, I hope reading my review of this unit can help you make a decision.

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King Kooker SS1267SBSP Review

The King Kooker SS1267SBSP is an outdoor turkey cooker that is powered by propane. Since it can only be used outdoors, you may not be able to deep fry a turkey bird if the weather outside is not ideal (raining, windy etc). If you live in an area with bad weather, you may be better off looking for an indoor turkey fryer. You can compare the best turkey fryers, many of which can be operated indoors, on this site.

The SS1267SBSP requires up to 3.75 gallons of cooking oil, to deep fry a turkey in its 30-quart pot. That is a lot of oil, but a lot of outdoor turkey cookers also use roughly that amount of cooking oil, so you could say that it is actually fairly standard. It has a capacity of 38,000 British Thermal Unit (Btu), which is slightly less than many popular outdoor propane turkey fryers, but this unit is still powerful enough to heat up the cooking oil swiftly.

One instrument that I feel is missing from the SS1267SBSP is an auto-shut off feature. This feature would automatically shut-down the turkey fryer if the temperature gets too high. This means that you should always keep an eye on this unit whilst it is cooking, in order to shut the unit off, yourself manually should the temperature go above safe levels.

This outdoor turkey fryer is not lacking in safety features, however. This model comes with a vented lid, to help prevent the cooking oil from bubbling over the sides and starting a grease fire or burning someone. It also has a lifter to safely and easily lift the turkey into and out of the hot cooking oil without splashing hot oil everywhere. The stand, which is included with this unit, puts the propane burner a couple of feet off the ground.

The SS1267SBSP comes with a built-in thermostat, a very handy and easy to use timer, and a drain valve for safely and cleanly emptying the used cooking oil from the unit after use.

Unlike with indoor turkey fryers, this unit does not have any power or ready indicator lights. This is not a big deal because most outdoor turkey cookers to not have them either. Usually only indoor models have this feature.

There is a drain valve, located at the bottom end of the unit, which is used to drain the cooking oil after you’re finished cooking the turkey. It is very helpful and makes the unpleasant process of removing the used cooking oil from the fryer a safe and easy process.

You can regulate and check the temperature of the hot cooking oil, and the turkey, by using the built-in thermostat. The manufacturer has included a timer, which is also built-in to the appliance. This easy to use timer will allow you to keep track of how long you’ve been cooking the turkey for.

This unit comes with an one year warranty, which is standard for this type of appliance. You cannot call or hold an online live chat with the manufacturer, but you can email them. The instruction manual is viewable on the manufacturer’s website. There is not any Frequently Asked Questions or instructions videos to help you learn how to safely use this model, but it is possible to email the manufacturer.

King Kooker SS1267SBSP Pros & Cons


Comes with a cooking basket with a lifter which is very useful for removing the turkey from the pot.
Can cook a turkey of up to 20 pounds in size, which is big enough for most family meals and gatherings.
Has an instruction manual on the manufacturer’s website.


There isn’t an auto shut-off function.
Cannot be used indoors, unlike indoor turkey fryers.
There are not any instructional videos or Frequently Asked Questions, but you can email the manufacturer.
Requires a large amount of cooking oil to cook a turkey (but this is true of most units).

King Kooker SS1267SBSP Best Features

This mid-range large outdoor turkey frying appliance has a number of good features and handy, easy to use functions. The best feature of the King Kooker SS1267SBSP is without a doubt that fact that is has a large capacity. It can deep fry a turkey of up to 20 pounds in weight. This is more than ideal for the needs of most consumers.

Another great feature of this unit is the deep frying basket, which has a lifter built in. It is really useful for lifting the turkey in and out of the fryer. This is a good safety feature as it prevents oil from splashing and burning the cook, or starting a grease fire.

The instruction manual is readily accessible on the manufacturer’s website. This is very helpful, especially when you have just received this unit and learning how to operate it safely, for the first time.

King Kooker SS1267SBSP Conclusion

The King Kooker SS1267SBSP is a large turkey fryer with enough power to deep fry a 20 pound turkey. If you are looking for an outdoor turkey fryer, then the King Kooker SS1267SBSP may just be what you are looking for. This unit would be suitable for large gatherings such as Thanksgiving Day or a family gathering since you can cook a big turkey with this turkey frying appliance.

The SS1267SBSP has many of the safety features that people expect from an propane outdoor turkey fryer. However, it does not have an auto shut-off. Whilst this is not ideal, you simply need to keep an eye on the fryer when it is cooking a turkey. So, it is not a deal-breaker.

If you are in the market from a propane powered outdoor turkey fryer which can cook a large turkey, you should definitely consider this model. Please look at our turkey fryer reviews if you are browsing the internet to try and find the best turkey fryer for your requirements.