Hamilton Beach 35021 Review

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The Hamilton Beach 35021 Electric Deep Fryer is a small and sturdy home deep fryer. It will not take up much space on your kitchen counter-top. It is made by a small kitchen appliances manufacturer from the United States, that has been designing and making electronic kitchen appliances for over one hundred years, called Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach are experts at making affordable, good quality electrical kitchen appliances that are compact and fit easily on your kitchen counter-top. The Hamilton Beach 35021 electrical immersion heater deep fat fryer is no exception. It is affordable and well made.

In this Hamilton Beach 35021 review I will describe, and outline, the various features of this popular, low cost deep frying appliance. I will also list the pros and cons of buying this unit as well as give you my verdict on whether or not this deep fryer is worth buying.

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Hamilton Beach 35021 Review

Hamilton Beach’s 35021 electric immersion heater deep fryer has a 1,500 watt heating element. It is quite powerful and heats the cooking oil reasonably swiftly, taking only 15 minutes to heat up the cooking oil ready for cooking and a recovery time of only 2.5 minutes. That is quite impressive for an affordable home deep fat fryer like the 35021.

The Hamilton Beach 35021’s stainless steel deep fryer basket can cook up to roughly three pounds of food at once. The container inside the 35021 can hold 1.9 liters of cooking oil, which is about the average capacity of home fryers. The unit is compact, but very sturdy and made from quality materials. The outer panels are made from a black plastic shell, which makes the unit look quite nice. This deep fryer appliance will look good on any kitchen counter-top.

Using this unit could not be easier, meaning that this deep fryer is suitable for use by beginners, young people, and even people with limited mental and physical capabilities. You simply set the cooking temperature using the dial on the front of the unit, after filling the container inside the unit to the fill line. You then wait for the indicator light to turn on, which indicates that the deep fryer is ready to cook your food.

Unfortunately this model does not come with a timer, but this is not a deal breaker as many people have smartphones or watches with timers. It would have been nice to have a timer as part of the unit, however. Another feature that I feel is lacking is an oil filter, as pouring the oil out of this unit after use is kind of tricky. The inner container can be washed in a dishwasher, but you will need to wipe down the rest of the unit with a damp cloth.

The lid of the basket can be closed before lowering the food into the oil, limiting the chances of hot oil jumping out of the fryer and burning someone or starting a grease fire. It has a magnetic cord, so if the cord is pull on accidentally, the cord will disconnect from the deep fryer and the unit will not tip over or fall off of the countertop. The outside of the unit stays cool during use, which is another great safety feature.

The manufacturer provides a limited one year warranty, meaning that you are covered for any failures or defects for the first year of ownership. This is a fairly standard length of time and most other models only come with a warranty for one year also. The manual for this model can be found on Hamilton Beach’s website and you can also purchase replacement parts on the website too.

The 35021 electrical deep fryer does not have a convenient cooking oil filtration feature. Having said that, it was still easy to operate and you will not need to make a mess to use this unit properly. The food cooked using this deep fat fryer was respectable and you can cook up french fries or chicken nuggets with ease. That is all most people expect and need from a compact home deep frying appliance. If all you need is a basic unit and you do not want to spend a lot of money, the Hamilton Beach 35021 could be the best deep fryer for your needs.

Hamilton Beach 35021 Pros & Cons


You can close the lid before submerging the food in the hot cooking oil which eliminates the risk of oil splatters causing burns or a grease fire.
Easy to operate.
Costs less than many competing units, but not lacking in features.
Has easy to clean, dishwasher safe parts.
The outer panels stay cool during use, meaning you can touch the outside panels of this unit during use and not burn yourself.


The Hamilton Beach 35021 is lacking a cooking timer.
Does not have an oil filtration or storage feature.

Hamilton Beach 35021 Best Features

The Hamilton Beach 35021, despite its low price tag, is not lacking in useful features and functions. This model has a lid which can be closed before submerging the food of your choice in the searing hot cooking oil. This means that with the lid closed the hot oil does not jump out of the unit and cause a grease fire or burn somebody. This is a great safety feature that many units with higher price tags are lacking.

It is an easy to use unit. Operating it is straight-forward and its safety features mean that even young people and people with disabilities can cook up tasty snacks and meals using this compact and affordable deep frying appliance.

This model is also very easy to clean and many of the parts are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning up after cooking with the 35021 a quick and safe process.

Arguably the best feature of the Hamilton Beach 35021 deep fryer is that it is not expensive and you do get a lot of features for the price that you pay. There are electric fryers that cost more, but do not have some of the features that you get with this unit.

Hamilton Beach 35021 Conclusion

There is little doubt that the Hamilton Beach 35021 electric immersion heater fryer is among the best deep fryers for people who have a compact kitchen, or are new to deep frying. It is easy to use and does cost than most other units that I have assessed in the deep fryer reviews section of DeepFryerHub.com.

Whilst it is lacking a cooking timer, it is easy to use and very affordable. Additionally, the 35021 is easy to clean, compact, and does not use much cooking oil. It does product crispy deep fried chicken, crunchy french fries, and moist chicken nuggets despite costing less than many other home deep fryer units with more features.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Hamilton Beach 35021. Please read my other deep fryer reviews and also be sure to compare the best deep fryers in the easy to understand comparison table found on the homepage.