Commercial Deep Fryer Guide

A commercial deep fryer is an essential part of any restaurant or cafe’s professional kitchen. However, this does not mean that you cannot have one in your own home. This is my collect of the best commercial deep fryer reviews.

They’re used for cooking a lot more sophisticated dishes than french fries, including deep fried turkey or chicken, snacks like fried pickles and even elegant temper desserts. There is no limit to the variety of food that you can cook in a commercial fryer, this is why they are so common in many restaurants around the world. Tasty treats of all kinds are cooked in hot oil in this multipurpose cooking appliance on a daily basis. Many home chefs use commercial units to cook for their families and for large gatherings. With so many different brands and models available on the market these days, it is important to do your research before you purchase one and that is why I’ve put this together this guide to the best commercial deep fryers.

While it is true that every commercial deep fryer has useful features, you will need to decide which features and useful to your needs and then seek out a commercial fryer which has the features that you, and one that is within your budget.

It is not just “mom and pop” restaurants, cafes and diners which are cooking up tasty, golden treats for their customers. Many leading players in the food industry, such as michelin star chefs use commercial deep frying appliances in their fancy restaurants because everyone loves the taste, color and textures of deep fried foods. Another reason that restaurants and famous chefs love cooking deep fried foods in their restaurants, is because deep frying usually takes a lot less time to cook food compared to other methods of cooking such as boiling and baking.

In addition to be used in restaurants, commercial deep fat fryers are used in a lot homes and even for industrial uses, such as mass production of pre-cooked foods, such as the foods you may find on the shelf of a supermarket, which only need to be reheated because the snack or meal was already cooked in a food processing plant using industrial food cooking appliances such as commercial deep fryers.

When using a commercial deep fat fryer to cook up foods such as french fries, you need to know that the unit that you are relying on to make a living from is going to be reliable and not let you down when you have hungry customers with money in their hands waiting for your tasty, warm treats. Contrary to what many people believe, commercial fryers are not too expensive for a small restaurant or home kitchen. In fact, restaurant owners can save a large amount of money over the lifetime of their business by buying a high quality commercial deep fryer because the build quality of mid-high end units is superior to most cheaper models and therefore the mid high-end units will usually last a lot longer. This makes the higher upfront purchasing cost worth it in the long term as you will not need to repair or replace units which are well made and well designed as often. Some restaurants and cafes use turkey fryers and air fryers, so they may also be interested in out turkey fryer reviews and air fryer reviews.

I hope that you will find the best commercial deep fryer for your requirements, please look at the reviews I have written on this site and browse the blog for some useful articles such as deep frying safety tips. After browsing the best deep fryer reviews on you are sure to find the perfect unit for your needs.