Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Review

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Most people love the taste of deep fried turkey, with moist meat under the crispy skin. The Brinkmann 815-4001-S is a propane powered outdoor turkey fryer which is well-known for producing crispy, golden turkeys with moist meat inside. It is designed and manufactured by a reputable company called Brinkmann, who make a number of turkey fryers.

In this Brinkmann 815-4001-S review I will explain to you everything that you will need to know about this top selling turkey fryer. I will describe the features and various functions of the 815-4001-S and outline the pros and cons of this unit.

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Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Review

Brinkmann’ 815-4001-S outdoor turkey fryer is a large propane powered turkey fryer which is intended for use outdoors only. It comes with a 30-quart cooking pot, which is enough space to cook a large turkey of about 18 pounds or so. The capacity is quite large, but there are some turkey fryers on this site which have an even larger capacity, if that is what you require. This outdoor turkey cooker can also be used to cooke other foods such as vegetables or chicken, making it a versatile and useful appliance.

The powerful 45,000 British Thermal Unit (Btu) capacity of this unit is quite robust for a outdoor propane turkey fryer. It can deep fry a large turkey of 18 pounds in about an hour, a lot quicker than it would take to cook an 18 pound turkey in the oven.

With so much power at its disposal, it is reassuring to see that the Brinkmann 815-4001-S has several important and well-implemented safety features to make operating a large, powerful fryer with a large quantity of hot oil inside it as safe as it can be. For example, this fryer has a vented lid, an auto shut-off function, a lifter, stainless steel cooking basket, and a stand.

Without a doubt this Brinkmann turkey fryer’s major safety feature is the auto shut-off function. It works by automatically shutting off the propane gas flowing to the burner if the built-in sensor detects that the temperature of the cooking oil is too hot. Once the sensor has been triggered, you will need to wait for the temperature to return to 325 degrees Fahrenheit before the gas is able to be reignited.

You will be able to safely remove the turkey from this outdoor turkey fryer using the cooking basket and in-built grab hook, after it has been deep fried to perfection in this unit. The stand keeps the unit off of the ground. It is crucial that you only attempt to operate this propane cooker outdoors, and in a space away from flammable objects.

Some things I was disappointed about include the lack of an in-built timer, drain valve, or indicator lights. The lack of a drain valve makes draining the oil after using this cooker a difficult task. The lack of an in-built timer means that you will need to use your smartphone or stopwatch to monitor the cooking time. The lack of indicator lights means that you will need to use the included 12 inch thermometer to measure the temperature off the oil and check the internal temperature of the turkey to see if it is finished cooking.

The 12 inch thermometer, included with this outdoor turkey cooker, is handy for monitoring the temperature. You can also use it to check the temperature inside the bird to make sure it is not undercooked or overcooked.

Outdoor turkey fryers can be difficult to use, and potentially dangerous if not used correctly, so it was a nice surprise to see that Brinkmann has uploaded some high-quality instructional videos to their website to help you to learn how to use this fryer safely. This unit only has a 90 day warranty, which is shorter than I would like it to be. You can contact the customer support team on Brinkmann’s website, or call them during business hours.

The 815-4001-S outdoor turkey fryer by Brinkmann is an excellent propane turkey cooker, with excellent frying capabilities. This unit also has many safety features, this is sure to make cooking up a turkey for Thanksgiving Day a safe and pleasant experience. No need to wait for the turkey to cook in the oven, because this unit the turkey will be ready for the table in a little over an hour, instead of 4-5 hours in an oven. Not to mention that you can cook other foods such as chickens or vegetables in this fryer as well, making this unit useful year-round.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Pros & Cons


This outdoor turkey fryer comes with a 30-quart pot, allowing you to cook a large turkey.
This unit has several great safety features which makes frying a turkey outside as safe as can be.
Brinkmann provides free instructional videos on their website, making the process of learning how to use this unit safely a breeze.
Comes with a free 12 inch thermometer which can be used for checking the temperature of the oil and the internal temperature of the bird.


This unit lacks a drain valve, and this means it is quite difficult to drain the used cooking oil after use.
This unit can only be used outdoors, which means you may not be able to deep fryer a turkey outdoors if the weather is poor.
The warranty lasts for only 90 days.
Does not have an in-built timer.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Best Features

The most outstanding features of the 815-4001-S outdoor turkey frying unit is its large capacity and in-built safety features. With a cooking capacity of 30-quarts, this unit can easily fit a large turkey inside its cooking pot. Whilst it is certainly true that there are turkey fryers available for purchase which have a larger capacity, the Brinkmann 815-4001-S is certainly big enough to handle the turkey frying needs of most people.

This Brinkmann turkey fryer is capable of frying a large turkey in a little over an hour, which is much quicker than cooking a turkey in a conventional kitchen oven. The 45,000 Btu (British Thermal Unit) power capacity is a lot of power to cook a large turkey bird quickly and this unit has no problem rising to the task of cooking a large bird, so the propane powered cooking parts are certainly very effective at their task.

The free instructional videos that Brinkmann include with this unit are well produced and very helpful to somebody learning how to operate this unit safely.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Conclusion

The Brinkmann 815-4001-S cooks a turkey quicker than a traditional oven and it has a number of built-in safety features. This unit has several great safety features and it is a very capable outdoor propane fryer.

This outdoor turkey fryer is a suitable selection for someone who wants to fry a turkey outside. If you want to fry a turkey inside, perhaps you should browse my turkey fryer reviews to compare the best indoor turkey fryers instead.