Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Review

I will say from the very beginning that the Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL is one of the best deep fryers that I have ever used. It is very reliable and consistently cooks delicious, crispy and golden deep fried foods each time it is used. Not all units are this reliable.

In additional to being a well made home deep fryer, it is made by a globally renown kitchen appliances brand, so you can be assured that you are buying a quality unit for your kitchen counter. The BDF500XL has a feature not found on any of it’s competitors. This unit comes with several convenient presets for cooking time and temperature, which are designed to be used to cook specific foods. Another great feature of this model is that it heats the cooking oil to the correct temperature every single time you use it. Some units are unable to obtain and maintain a consistent temperature meaning foods can be burnt or undercooked – sometimes both! You won’t have that problem with this model.

In this Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL review I will describe the features of this model, discuss the pros and cons of buying it and give you my verdict.

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Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Review

The Breville Smart Fryer is well known for its ability to make some of the tastiest french fries and fried chicken. The chicken comes out of the BDF500XL with a crispy texture and perfectly tender and moist chicken meat inside.

In additional to the smart functions which allow you to choose from some preset cooking times and temperatures, tailor to cook specific types of foods. This unit also allows you to set the temperature and timer manually. The temperature can go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cook most, if not all, foods.

This deep fat fryer has a capacity of almost four liters of cooking oil, which is more than enough room to cook meals for a family of say three or four people. The included deep fryer basket is a tad small, only holding approximately 2.3 pounds of food at one time. But since that enough space to cook up roughly five servings of chicken at once, it is typically enough capacity for most people’s needs.

This model heats up the cooking oil very quickly. It typically only takes a few minutes for the cooking oil to become hot enough to commence cooking. The BDF500XL maintains its temperature better than most other deep fryers, and it recovers its temperature really quickly between cooking batches of french fries, for example.

This model is not the easiest to clean, but it is a quite a straight-forward process- wait for it to cool down after use, pour out the oil, and then rinse and wipe inside. The one year warranty is shorter than the warranties offered by some other manufacturers, but it means you have one year of support from Beville, a well regarded global kitchen appliance brand.

Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Pros & Cons


It has preset cooking times and temperatures, suited towards specific foods.
Consistently heats the cooking oil to the correct temperature, and recovers temperatures quicker than most other units.
Has a vented lid which prevents oil splatters.


This model is more difficult to clean than most other home deep fat fryers.
There is a learning curve required to learn how to use the controls and preset cooking functions.

Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Best Features

As the name indicates, the Breville Smart Fryer BFD500XL has built-in smart functions which makes deep frying certain foods a breeze. This makes this unit unique and many people will love the convenience and effortlessness of simply pressing a few buttons and having the correct temperature and cooking duration for the specific food that you are cooking. The smart functions are not hard to use or understand, but there is a small learning curve at the beginning.

It comes with a LCD display which lights up as soon as the deep fryer is plugged in. You will also be able to see when the unit is ready to use. It also has a viewing window.

Another great feature of this unit is that it does not get hot on the outside when in use. Unlike some other well known models, the BDF500XL does not feel uncomfortably warm when you touch its outside panels. So, you do not need to worry about getting burned when you accidentally touch it while it cooking up your tasty snack or meal.

This unit also has some other useful safety features built-in such as the vented lid which prevents oil splatters and the magnetic safety cord that disconnects from the unit if pull on. This means the deep fryer does not tip over and burn someone, or start a fire, if the cord is caught on something or accidentally pulled on.

Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Conclusion

This unit is very reliable and dependable. Because it heats the oil to a consistent, accurate temperature each time it is used and maintains the temperature that it is set to very well, you can reset assured that your delicious deep fried foods will not come out of the fryer undercooked or burnt. You can simply turn it on, set the temperature and cooking time to your requirements (or press a button for one of the presets) and do other things without worrying about the food you are cooking. When you return to the BDF500XL after the snack or meal has finished cooking, your food will be crispy, delicious and not greasy or under/overcooked.

The Breville Smart Fryer’s presets are very handy for people who are new to the world deep frying. Despite having a small learning curve to learn how to use the presets and the normal temperature and cooking timer functions. This model also has all the safety features you would desire.

The Beville Smart Fryer BDF500XL is one of the best deep fryers in the world. If you liked this review, perhaps you would be interested in browsing my other deep fryer reviews.