Air Fryer Reviews – Best Air Fryers

This exciting recent advancement in food frying technology has the cooking and kitchen appliance industry on the edge of their chairs. Allowing you to achieve the same crispy and golden deep fried appearance and flavour, whilst using over 80 percent less oil than a traditional home deep fryer, air fryers are seen by many people as a better alternative to regular units and even microwaves. I have put together this guide containing the best air fryer reviews in order to help you find the right model for you.

Like when purchasing a traditional fryer, you will need to take many issues into consideration. For instance, there are several different brands available and not all air frying technology is of equal quality. You will need to decide if you want a smaller unit which will fit easily on your counter top, and prepare warm snacks. Maybe you would prefer a bigger unit which you store in your pantry and bring out to your kitchen counter top when you want to produce a deep fried family meal.

Different recipes require the hot air and oil to be at a certain temperature. This means that depending on what you are cooking, you will need to be able to set the temperature using a built-in adjustable temperature controller.

Every model will have a different tray size and capacity. This will obviously dictate the limits of how much food can be fried at one time. Sizes vary from enough to prepare an individual snack, to trays big enough to cook a meal for the whole family.

Since every house has a varying amount of counter top space in their kitchens, everyone has different size and capacity preferences. Some people may want a small model which fits easily on their counter top, so they can keep it there permanently. Others require a large air fryer because they need to feed a family and they are happy to keep the big unit in your pantry and pull it out to the counter top when they are in the mood for some delicious air fried foods.

Reliability of the air frying technology and build quality varies between different brands. Typically you get what you pay for. Mid-high end models are usually better designed and this means they’re more reliable and last longer (as long as take care of them and clean them etc).

In-built timers can be very helpful. They beep when the food is finished cooking and this assists you in remembering to get your tasty deep fried delights out of the fryer before they begin to burn.

Air fryers can be difficult to clean. That is why it is important to read reviews of air fryers before you buy so you know if the unit will give you trouble come time to clean it. Some parts will need to cleaned by hand in your kitchen sink, whilst other parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher and being briefly rinsed in hot water. Like all other kitchen appliances, the more care you use to take care of your air frying unit, the longer it will last.

There are models available that fit in to different price points. The mid-high end models have more features, and you will obviously have to pay extra to get a model with all the extra features. However, it is up to you to decide how much you want to pay and if you need all the features available on the more expensive units. Prices are not the only indicator of quality, some cheaper models may have better built quality than some models that cost more. This is why it is important to look at air fryer reviews before purchasing one for your home kitchen. Don’t forget to browse our deep fat fryer reviews and reviews of turkey fryers.

Using an air fryer to prefer tasty food for your family may be a preferable replacement to a traditional unit in your kitchen. If you have decided what you will use the air fryer food, you can now begin looking for the right unit for your needs. Now that their are several different brands on the market, there is bound to be a good model at a decent price to take pride of place on your kitchen counter top. Be sure to read the deep fryer buying guide to get more information on electrical frying appliances.