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Welcome to My name is Joe Rothenberg and I built this site to be a place where you can find the best deep fryer reviews. I want my site to help visitors from all around the world choose the best deep fryer for their needs. Using my experiences as a chef, my site specializes in detailed and thorough reviews and comparisons. I cover every important feature such as power, size and capacity. That way you can make the best choice for your needs!

A good deep fryer can produce a hot, crispy finish which makes the food irresistible to people. Having one of these amazing, versatile cooking tools in your home’s kitchen will allow you to cook up fried chicken, fries, crusted shrimp, as well as many other tasty dishes. You can even prepare desserts, such as donuts.

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Whilst many people may associate tasty foods such as these with eating out, it is well known that you can cook in your own fryer at home, saving money and enjoying crispy and crunchy meals for the cost of a few restaurant meals! Units are available which fit in to just about everyone’s budget, with at-home models ranging from as low as $20 to as high as a few hundred dollars. Therefore, this small luxury will greatly enhance your joy at meal time, without breaking the bank! Most people spend around the same amount for a toaster or even a blender, so why not get a deep fat fryer at around the same price? It is an easy decision, isn’t it?

With so many brands out there, and several different types available to buy online, it can be difficult to filter through all the information on the internet in order to discover the unit that you really want.

I have taken the time to do the research for you, consolidate all of the information together, and create to provide you with comprehensive reviews on the best deep fryers which are available to buy online right now. You may want to start by viewing our comparison chart to give you a good idea on the various features and price ranges of the best units.

What is a deep fryer? What features does a good one have?

Deep fat fryers are a kitchen appliance or gadget which uses hot oil to cook food. Since it does not use water to cook the food, it is classified as “dry cooking”, even though it uses oil.

Despite what most people believe, if performed correctly, cooking your food this way does not product greasy food. There is water or moisture in the food which you will be frying. The pressure from the moisture vapor coming out of the food should be enough to prevent the oil from sinking in, due to the fact that the water will be released as a vapor, which prevents oil getting in to the food.

The hot oil surrounding the food heats up the water and moisture inside the food, which results in the food being effectively steamed from the inside. A deep fryer is simply the kitchen appliance which enables this cooking to occur. Through reading my deep fryer reviews, you’ll find the best deep fryer to use in this situation.

The models which are typically used on counter tops in at-home models include a container for cooking oil, in which the food will be cooked. At-home models typically contain the following features:

  • Basket to place the food – Using a basket to place your food in the oil will prevent hot oil splashing on you and avoid the need to place your handing near the oil, and burning your hands. The other benefit of the food basket is that you can quickly and safely lift your food out of the hot cooking oil once it is cooked, avoiding the need to use a spoon or cooking tongs which may result in a mess and leaving pieces of food in the oil.
  • A Timer – The majority of mid-high end units have a built-in timer to help you prevent overcooking your food. This is an important feature because leaving the food in the fryer for too long will allow the oil to penetrate the food, causing it to be burnt and greasy when the moisture runs out.
  • Temperature settings – Every unit comes with a method to adjust the temperature. Some products come with a knob, whilst many come with a digital display (typically mid-high end models).

This is a summary of the basic and common features. More expensive models will contain additional features as these units will be more sophisticated; but don’t fret – as my deep fryer reviews will help you decide the best model for you. Another fairly popular feature is oil filters, that filter the oil in order to reduce the amount of oil you need to buy (saving you a lot of money over the lifetime of your unit) because you can re-use the filtered oil over and over. There are other new technologies becoming more common, such as technology to move the food around in the unit, which means you will require less oil than usual to cook the food. Again, saving you money, but also reducing the amount of cooking oil you will consume in your meal, and therefore healthier.

Since there are many different types of units, with many different features, suited to several different uses and varying budgets, you will need to outline your expectations and figure out which features are important to you. The “best” unit varies depending on who you ask, because everyone has different expectations, requirements and budgets. So, you will have an important decision to make, what is most important to you? Do you want the best model that money can buy? Are you trying to get the best “bang for your buck” and get a decent product for a low price? Do you really need all of the features and accessories that the high-end models contain?

As soon as you know what you want, you will then be in a position to make the best choice for your situation. If your goal is to find the best unit for less than $100, you will be able to look at the available models and pick units within this price range. If money is no concern, and you want the fanciest unit with the most accessories you can simply look at the mid-high end units, without worrying about the price. For this reason, it is difficult to say how to select the best model, although you should make yourself aware of common complaints about each model.

Once you have decided on your budget and the requirements, there are several things you need to pay attention to when buying a deep fryer. I will outline what you need to look for here:

Types of Deep Fryers

There are several different types of units, each suite to a specific task such as commercial cooking, or turkey cooking, for example. You will need to decide if you want a small unit, a large unit or if you are simply looking for the cheapest unit you can find for the job of cooking tasty, crispy food. You can find more information about the best turkey fryers right now.


Do you need a small model which can handle cooking single serves of tasty foods such as fries, but not much else? Or will you will putting crispy, golden brown food on the table for a family of five people every night and require a large model to get the task done? Deciding on the capacity you require is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make when you are looking for a model to place on your kitchen. Typically, smaller units cost less than larger units and take up less space on the kitchen counter top.

Additional Features

As mentioned above, basic models come with less features and functions. Like everything in life, the more you are willing to spend on unit, the more features and benefits you will receive. It is up to you to decide if the extra bells and whistles are worth the extra financial outlay. Some popular additional features include a digital thermostat (makes it easier to read and adjust the temperature) and oil filters (filters crumbs from your oil to enhance taste and allow you to re-use cooking oil).

Things to be careful of

There are some common complaints which some units suffer from such as temperature fluctuation, poor build quality, seal leaks, and trouble draining the oil. That is why we only review the best products on, so rest assured that every model that you see featured on this site is a well regarded, thoroughly tested model which is well suited to its job.

What are air fryers?

Air fryers are a revolutionary kitchen gadget which uses superheated air instead of fat to cook food (such as fries and chicken nuggets). A company called Philips recently invented a frying machine that fries food, giving the same crispy and crunchy taste, without using oil.

Air fryers use hot air (referred to as Rapid Air Technology) to cook foods which would normally be cooked in hot oil using a deep fat fryer. Air is heated and circulated around the food, meaning that you will use up to 80% less cooking oil when cooking using this method, compared to the traditional way.

This product looks similar to a rice cooker, but larger. It contains a large tray which can be removed in our to fill with food, before returning to the unit. Within 12 minutes or so, a hot and crispy meal will be ready to eat, which Philips claims will be healthier for you due to the large reduction in cooking oil required in order to cook meals using this method.

Everything you cook in the traditional units can be cooked in this product. From chicken, fries, steaks, and even cakes (which take about 25 minutes to cook) you can basically do the majority of your cooking this way, but less cooking oil will be used and consumed.

Cooking this way makes the food crispy and golden. This is the same effect that is achieved by frying, roasting, toasting, or baking food. This is referred to by scientists as the Maillard effect. You can find reviews of the best air fryers on this site as well.

How to find the best deep fat fryer for your needs

In order to find the perfect unit for your needs you will need to take all of the tips and advice provided above into consideration. Once you decide on your budget and needs you will be in a good position to be able to select the best product for you. We hope this guide will help you to find the perfect product for your budget and needs. On this site you will be able to choose between different types of fryers, capacities, and (most importantly) prices.

I suggest that you look around, because I am sure that you will find all the information required in order to make the correct choice. Please feel free to contact us using the contact form if you have any additional questions about our site, or if you have any suggestions on how I can make this site better.

Deep fryer accessories

There are many accessories on the market which help to make deep frying quick, safer and easier. If you are buying a deep fat fryer online, you should also consider buying some accessories in order to make your unit more functional and efficient.

Some of the most popular accessories are high-quality baskets, fryer screens, french fry scoops, and stainless steel thermometers. This is just a brief list of a few of the top selling accessories, there are many more different tools available online to enhance the functionality of your unit.

Deep frying cooking tips

This method of cooking is arguably the most tasty way to prepare food. The crispy and golden food is very tasty and often tastes better than food prepared by restaurants and cafes, if prepare correctly. Not to mention that you will be dealing with very hot cooking oil and there are safety steps that you need to take in order to stay safe when deep frying foods.

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure you deep fried food looks and tastes good is to choose the right cooking oil to use with your deep fryer.